The International Children’s Day

🌟 Bring an unforgettable summer for your little angels at Rosa Alba Resort, where we offer a special International Children’s Program at the Infinity Coco Pool. With a combo price of only 149,000 VND per child, we guarantee to provide your children with enjoyable experiences, endless exploration, and delicious food.

🏊‍♀️ Children will enjoy unlimited fun while swimming in the complimentary pool at Rosa Alba Resort. With a stunning infinity pool, children can experience the amazing feeling of immersing themselves in cool, refreshing water, surrounded by beautiful natural surroundings.

🍔 The food combo includes special dishes that will delight your children. Crispy fried chicken drumsticks, tasty burgers, crunchy French fries, and refreshing Soft Drinks will fulfill the nutritional needs and play desires of the children. We ensure that only fresh and safe ingredients are used for the children’s health.

🎈 Moreover, the Kid’s Club area at Rosa Alba Resort will be an exciting place for children. They will have the opportunity to play games and participate in educational and creative activities guided by experienced and dedicated staff. Here, children will have the chance to explore, develop their thinking skills, and socialize in a fun and beneficial way.

⏰ The program takes place from 3 pm to 7 pm on June 1st, promising to provide a complete afternoon of great fun for children. Rosa Alba Resort guarantees the safety and happiness of the children throughout the program. We understand that safety is a top priority, so all activities and games are carefully designed and closely monitored to ensure absolute safety for the children.

In addition to the fantastic recreational and culinary activities, the International Children’s Program at Rosa Alba Resort creates an inclusive and cohesive environment for children. They will have the opportunity to interact, make friends, and create memorable experiences with their peers. We believe that the interaction and sharing among children will stimulate their creativity and personal development.

Rosa Alba Resort is proud to be an ideal destination for families and children. We not only provide luxurious and convenient accommodations for parents but also focus on creating memorable experiences for children. The International Children’s Program at Rosa Alba Resort will undoubtedly become a wonderful memory and leave a deep impression on the children.

Register your child now for the International Children’s Program at Rosa Alba Resort and create an unforgettable summer vacation for the whole family. We guarantee that your children will have refreshing and energetic moments of joy. Don’t miss this opportunity, come and explore our fascinating world at Rosa Alba Resort!

📞 To book tickets or receive more detailed information about the International Children’s Program at Rosa Alba Resort, please contact our hotline: 0257 222 2222. Our professional and friendly staff will be delighted to assist you and answer any inquiries you may have.

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